Cutting Machines


In the "Cutting" sector, taking advantage of the superior technology, KOIKE CUTTING & WELDING (INDIA) PVT. LTD. 100% subsidy of KOIKE SANSO KOGYO CO.,LTD as a leading manufacturer of Cutting Machines for many years since 1918, developed the wide range of the Thermal Cutting, Portable Cutting Machines varying from a Hand-Held Blowpipe Type to the CNC cutting machines. We are the Authorized Distributor since 2008.

The needs of the welding abundantly, those line up from the Cutting Tips and the Gas Regulator which are indispensable to the operation of the Cutting Machine, Welding or Welding related equipment surrounding the Welding, that becomes a process after the cut, until the associated software, etc.These Machines have there own reliability and workspeed according to there specifications. Majorly they are classified into Portable Cutting Machine, Magnetic Welding Trolley and CNC Cutting Machines.


Portable Cutting Machine
Magnetic Welding Trolley
CNC Cutting Machine