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Wel Handy Multi Twin Torch


  1. Compact and Light Weight Carrying and positioning is easy because of the light weight, only 6.9 kg.
  2. Low Center of Gravity Low center of gravity provides stable performance even when climbing on a wall.
  3. High Durability Aluminum die-cast body provides long and maintenance free life.
  4. Ample pulling power Can climb 45°slopes with its 16 kg of pulling power.
  5. High speed travel capability The travel speed of 1500 mm/min allows high speed welding.
  6. Wide range of torch positioning The 45 mm of torch adjustment provides a wide range for wire stick-out.



Item Specification
Weight 6.9 kg
Pulling power 16 kg
Type of drive 4 rubber wheel drive with magnetic attraction system.
Travel speed 150 ~ 1,500 mm/min.
Tracking method Guide roller
Guide roller adjustment Three positions provided.
Torch adjustment range Torch angle :40~55 degrees.
Torch height :45mm
Torch Forward/Backward :45mm
Torch Optional exclusive straight torch.
Torch holder For exclusive straight torch.
(optional holders also available)
Lead-in/Lead-out Start: 125mm
End : 140mm
Auto stop function Limit switch at each end of machine travel
Input power 115 VAC
Dimensions L 260mm x W 262mm x H 265mm

Fume collector (Optional)

Welding fumes are collected right beside the welding torch to maintain a safe and clean environment.
FUMETEC-DX is recommended.

No Fume Collector
With Fume Collector


IK 93 Edge Cut

"The Koike EDGE-CUT" creates a high quality single pass X-Bevel(Upper and Lower Bevel) using a unique drive systems that reduces the heat affected zone,while other models require the use of two machines to do the same job.

  • One time set pre-heat adjustments, pre-heat is managed by Koike original snap valve system.
  • Constant speed provides stability for even the longest cuts.
  • A newly designed torch holder allows changing of root face while cutting.
  • The standard tracer guide roller provides high cutting efficiency from start to finish.



Cutting Thickness 50mm at bevel length
Cutting speed 100~1000mm/min
Speed Control Controller IC (Dial adjustment)
Heat shield Ceramic fibre board (Non-Asbestos)
Clutch Trigger type
Direction change Forward/reverse switch
Gas manifold Pre-set value type
Power supply AC100V
Motor DC24V
Overall length 402mm
Weight 12kg


IK 12 - Beetle


  • All functions controlled by forward/ off/reverse switch, clutch lever and speed adjustment knob.
  • Versatility and convertability inherent in the design ensure all types of straight line, cirde, and bevel cutting are simply performed.
  • The drive unit employing the single cone system (mechanical stepless variation device) assures constantly stable machine travel.
  • Plate track for straight line cutting is available in interlocking sections of 1.800 mm (70") each wish may be extended indefinitely.
  • An adjustable radius bar for circle cutting is optionally available.
  • The torch holder makes the bevel cutting of the lower edge possible, and the torch up/down unit is easy to handle and durable.
  • Light in weight (9,5 kg = 20,9 lbs) for handling and transportation.


Cutting Thickness 5~50 mm (1/4~2")
Cutting Speed
150~800 mm (6~32")
Speed Control Single cone system
Motor Condenser-induction AC 100/200V, 9W/10W
Motor DC 12V, 7.200 R.P.M.
Power Source AC 100/200V, 50/60Hz
Weight 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs)
Tip 100 series for any fuel gas


Handy Auto


  • Auxiliary wheel for square cutting attachment and circle cutting attachment.
  • Bevelling wheel (photo A). Used for bevel cuts with angle range of 22° – 45°.
  • Small circle cutting attachment (photo B). Attachment for cutting small circles of 30 – 120 mm (1,2’’ – 4,8’’)
  • Manual guide lever Used in combination with a drive attachment to provide increased stability during cutting operation.
  • Guide rail for straight cutting (photo C). [500 mm (20") photo A photo B long, with two-magnets]
  • Extra Large Circle cutting diameter (Photo D).
  • This attachment is for cutting circles of 120-500 Ø mm (4,8-19,6’’Ø).



Cutting Thickness 5-30 mm (0,2’’–2,0’’)
Cutting Speed
200-700 mm/min (8’’-28’’)
Speed Control Transistor control
Wheel drive Friction drive
Motor DC 12V, 7.200 R.P.M.
Power Source 120/220V AC, DC 12V
Weight 2.7 kgs (5,9 lbs)
Tip 100 Series for any fuel gas


Auto Picle Series


  • Designed specially for pipe cutting, it is highly portable and very easy to set up.
  • The special fixed-rail tip guide system provides high cutting accuracy and makes the Auto Picle-S particularly suitable for large pipes.
  • The guide rail also makes it possible to cut vertical pipe. The Picle 1-II and Auto Picle can also cut vertical pipe if used with this guide rail.
  • Can cut bevels, and being automatic gives a sharp, clean cutting surface.
  • Can be swiftly adapted to any pipe diameter by changing the length of the chain.
  • Cutting operations are carried out from the remote control panel, making the job easier and more comfortable for the operator.


Weight 15 kg (33 lbs)
Machine dimensions 270 mm(L) x 230 mm(W)
x 400 mm (H)
(10-3/4 x 9-3/16 x 16’’)
Power supply 42/120V AC
Speed control SCR
Cutting speed 100~700 mm/min(4~28’’)
Pipe cutting diameter Over 600 mmØ = 24’’
(150 ~600Ø also possible)
Pipe cutting thickness 5 ~50 mm (3/16 ~2’’)
Edge shape I, V (up to 45 o)
Motor 15W 10.000 rpm


Remote control box 1
Tips, # 0-1-2
(acetylene: 102HC, LPG: 106HC)
0-1-2 1 pc each
Fuses 2A 2
Tip cleaner 1 set
Lighter 1



The IK-54D is a quality constructed, Hard working gas shape cutter for high production accuracy. Compact and simple to operate , this fine koike machine is most at home doing highly repetitive work where it can continuously produce the same precision flame cuts by following a steel template. A powerful magnet roller smoothly guides the cutting torch around any shape, cutting steel plate up to four inches in thickness. Weighing in at only 33 kg, it can be carried anywhere, and its versatility of performance meets your exact cutting needs.


Convenience - An automatic switch permits simultaneous actuation of the cutting oxygen and the motor. The adjustment and control functions are conveniently, located on the jaw, and all operations have been simplified for labor saving and dependability
Easy vertical and horizontal adjustments of the templates holder facilitates centering and flange cutting.

Accuracy - An extremely Powerful permanent magnetic roller ensures precision conformity to complicated template shape by preventing slippage during the operation. An S.C.R control system is employed in this machine so that cutting speed is highly stable.

Capability - Effective cutting range is greatly extended, In circle cutting, the max diameter is 700mm. By using the appropriate attachment, cutting circle diameter is extended up to 1,700mm.

The cutting speed also ranges widely from 100 to 1000 mm/min. And the optimum speed for the thickness of the plate being cut is easily obtainable


Weight 33kg (72.5 lbs.)
Power 100v, 200v, (50, 60 cycles)
Motor D.C. Shunt Motor 5W
Cutting range
Standard circle dia.
Using attachment
Square side
Using attachment

Cutting thickness 3~100mm (11-13/16~394")
Cutting Speed 100~100mm (3-15/16~39-13/32in/min.)
Cutting accuracy 0.5~-0.5mm (0.02") over 500mm (19-11/16")cutting


IK 12 - Max3 (Portable Carriage)

Cutting Speed 80-800mm/min
Speed Control Double Cone Stepless System
Direction Forward / Reverse
Bevel Cut Angle 0 to 45o
Weight 11.0kg
Machine Size 430(L)*220(W)*215(H)mm


Optional Equipment
Circle cutting attachment : dia. 400 to 2400mm
Circle Track : dia. 40 - 360mm inside and dia. 770 - 1150mm outside
Rail : 1800mm