Auto Picle Series


  • Designed specially for pipe cutting, it is highly portable and very easy to set up.
  • The special fixed-rail tip guide system provides high cutting accuracy and makes the Auto Picle-S particularly suitable for large pipes.
  • The guide rail also makes it possible to cut vertical pipe. The Picle 1-II and Auto Picle can also cut vertical pipe if used with this guide rail.
  • Can cut bevels, and being automatic gives a sharp, clean cutting surface.
  • Can be swiftly adapted to any pipe diameter by changing the length of the chain.
  • Cutting operations are carried out from the remote control panel, making the job easier and more comfortable for the operator.


Weight 15 kg (33 lbs)
Machine dimensions 270 mm(L) x 230 mm(W)
x 400 mm (H)
(10-3/4 x 9-3/16 x 16’’)
Power supply 42/120V AC
Speed control SCR
Cutting speed 100~700 mm/min(4~28’’)
Pipe cutting diameter Over 600 mmØ = 24’’
(150 ~600Ø also possible)
Pipe cutting thickness 5 ~50 mm (3/16 ~2’’)
Edge shape I, V (up to 45 o)
Motor 15W 10.000 rpm


Remote control box 1
Tips, # 0-1-2
(acetylene: 102HC, LPG: 106HC)
0-1-2 1 pc each
Fuses 2A 2
Tip cleaner 1 set
Lighter 1