IK-93 (Edge Cut)

  • The HAWK has been designed with the emphasis on ease of operation. In addition to the trigger being placed higher to facilitate use at the inside or outside radius of curves, the design also emphasizes coupled operation with a speed adjustment
  • Gas Manipulation. Clutch and speed adjustment can be performed while the clip in one hand.
  • It is easy to follow a maked line using the guide pin.
  • Travel is possible in both the forward and reversr directions.
  • Four types of holders are available including a rack type, screw type and bottom beveling type.
  • Numerous options are also available,including a straight rail, circular cutting attachment and other helpful accessories.


Cutting thickness 5 ~100mm(1'\8~4)
Cutting speed 100~1000mm/min (4~40 lpm)
Speed control controller ic (dial adjustment)
Heat shield Double-plate construction
Clutch Trigger-type
Direction changing Forward/Reverse switch
Power suppply AC 100V
Motor DC24V
CTotal length 380mm(15')
Weight With type A holder : 7.2 kg (16 lbs)
With type B holder : 7.2kg(16.7lbs)