The Gas Hai has been designed to distribute acetylene and oxygen sent out from a cylinder to three different directionsin order to avoid rather complicated handling of many hoses which might be involved in such operations as requiring the use of many cutters at a time.

Connection of the hoses to the Gas Hai is very easy: just insert the plug with reverse - flow prevention valve into the stop valves on the main unit. For releasing, pull the socket sleeve. For maximum safety, Apollo coupling is applied to the plug and socket.


  1. Not only tranportation of cylinders can be saved but also the turnover rate of a cylinder becomes very high,
  2. Working site can be used spaciously,
  3. Danger of flashback will be minimized, and
  4. Labor loss will be eliminated, which meansfaster and quick operations.
Material Main unit - Aluminium
Upper plate - Aluminium
Bottom plate - Iron
Dimensions Height - 125mm (5")
Width - 150mm (6")
Weight 2.9Kg (6.4 lbs)
Temperature range -20oC ~ +120oC
Pressure Working pressure 0.2~10kg/cm2(2.8~142 lb/in2)
Maximum pressure 30kg/cm2(426 lb/in2)
Destructive pressure 100kg/cm2 and up (hydraulic)
Flow rate valve Apollo couplings LS- 3x3 for oxygen
LS- 4x3 for gas
ZAP- 1x3 for oxygen
ZAP- 2x3 for gas