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Wel Handy Multi Twin Torch


  1. Compact and Light Weight Carrying and positioning is easy because of the light weight, only 6.9 kg.
  2. Low Center of Gravity Low center of gravity provides stable performance even when climbing on a wall.
  3. High Durability Aluminum die-cast body provides long and maintenance free life.
  4. Ample pulling power Can climb 45°slopes with its 16 kg of pulling power.
  5. High speed travel capability The travel speed of 1500 mm/min allows high speed welding.
  6. Wide range of torch positioning The 45 mm of torch adjustment provides a wide range for wire stick-out.



Item Specification
Weight 6.9 kg
Pulling power 16 kg
Type of drive 4 rubber wheel drive with magnetic attraction system.
Travel speed 150 ~ 1,500 mm/min.
Tracking method Guide roller
Guide roller adjustment Three positions provided.
Torch adjustment range Torch angle :40~55 degrees.
Torch height :45mm
Torch Forward/Backward :45mm
Torch Optional exclusive straight torch.
Torch holder For exclusive straight torch.
(optional holders also available)
Lead-in/Lead-out Start: 125mm
End : 140mm
Auto stop function Limit switch at each end of machine travel
Input power 115 VAC
Dimensions L 260mm x W 262mm x H 265mm

Fume collector (Optional)

Welding fumes are collected right beside the welding torch to maintain a safe and clean environment.
FUMETEC-DX is recommended.

No Fume Collector
With Fume Collector