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Welding & Metal Treatment Products

Callington Haven is Australia's largest supplier of chemicals for the welding market with a market leading position in pickling gels, anti-spatter spray, passivators and other pre and post treatment chemicals.

We understand how important the appropriate product is for the job and can provide advice on what product to use to ensure the best result. These chemicals typically have a need for a very high level of health, safety and environmental awareness, and Callington can assist where required with the safe use and disposal of its products.

These products are available either direct or through distributors and can be supplied to any destination globally from a number of stocking points. Please refer to our contacts page for your nearest contact, or see below for our complete range of products as well as the Technical Data Sheets.


Product and Description Download
Albright - Acidic aluminium brightener & cleaner Datasheet
Alu-Weld - Acidic thickened aluminium weld scale cleaner Datasheet
Cal-Guard anti-spatter spray - Anti-spatter spray Datasheet
Cal-Guard nozzle dip gel - Nozzle dip gel Datasheet
Prosol Aerosol - Cleaner degreaser for aluminium Datasheet
Prosol - Cleaner degreaser for aluminium Datasheet
Stainless Steel Clean & Sheen - Non-Streak Cleaner for Hi-Finish Stainless Steel Datasheet
Stainless steelglaze - Polishing compound for all types stainless steel Datasheet
Steel Bright - Stainless Steel Pickling Solution for Spray and Dip Applications Datasheet
S-Weld clean - Staingless steel pickling gel Datasheet
S-Weld Brite Wash - Stainless steel cleaner & corrosion remover Datasheet
S-Weld Neutralizer - Neutralising solution for acidic pickling paste Datasheet
S-Weld Passivator - Passivating gel for stainless steel Datasheet
S-Weld SpatterGuard anti-spatter aerosol - Anti-spatter aerosol Datasheet
S-Weld SpatterGuard anti-spatter (bulk) - Anti-spatter bulk Datasheet
Weldbrite - Stainless steel pickling gel Datasheet
Ultrasynthet 971 - Metal working fluid Datasheet